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==Technical information==
==Technical information==
{{MissionInfo|SM1-09.fs2|84.1 KB|James Agay|52 (+10 waypoints)|11|60|23|4: Numbers|Brief2}}
{{MissionInfo|SM1-09.fs2|84.1 KB|James Agay|52 (+10 waypoints)|11|60|23|4: Numbers|Brief2}}
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]
[[Category:Main FreeSpace 2 Campaign]]

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Fighter squadron: 242nd Suicide Kings

Description: The 242nd escorts a supply convoy through a rebel-infested asteroid field as they rendezvous with the Colossus.


With the unveiling of the GTVA Colossus and its destruction of the NTCv Hawkwood in Epsilon Pegasi, the Neo-Terran Front are now avoiding direct conflict with the Allied warship and targeting its resupply convoys instead. The 242nd is ordered to protect one such convoy.


You cannot choose your ship for this mission and will be flying the GTF Perseus. It is recommended that you load a bank of Tempest dumbfire missiles.

You have to defend a supply convoy through an asteroid field in this mission. The NTF will attack the convoy continuously with Medusa bombers. You should intercept the bombers to avoid losing a single convoy ship. Near the end of the convoy's transit through the asteroid field, a Fenris-class cruiser, the NTC Maelstrom, will jump in from the nearby jump node.

Command will order you to neutralize its forward beam turret. This does not have to be done immediately, but it is recommended that you complete this objective before the convoy reaches within 2 clicks of the Maelstrom as you will risk failing it either by losing a ship to the beam, or having the reinforcements destroy it before the beam is taken out. Target the Maelstrom's front beam cannon and fire your lasers and missiles continuously to destroy it, and try to avoid its anti-fighter beam cannons. After the Maelstrom is destroyed, you only have to take care of the fighters. Upon the arrival of the Colossus, you will be authorised to leave.


  • There is a bonus objective in this mission. Destroy all rebel sentry guns in the asteroid field.
  • To destroy the Maelstrom's forward beam cannon quickly, load one of your banks with Rockeyes and set to double fire. Approaching the beam cannon from a good angle, a few salvos of Rockeyes will take it out swiftly.
  • A good way to time when to head for the Maelstrom is using the Hercs that jump in from the direction of the node. By the time they reach within range of the convoy, it should be your cue to head for the Fenris. Leave your wingmen to defend the convoy, and there should only be 1-2 wing of bombers left by this point, not too much trouble for the escort and the convoy's own guns.


  • There are two meaningless GTT Elysium transports in this mission tagging along with the convoy. According to the messages sent by the CO of the Colossus, those transports were probably supposed to take off from the Colossus itself and head to the convoy at the end of the mission.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 12 GTF Hercules
    • Pisces (3)
    • Capricorn (3)
    • Aquarius (3)
    • Aries (3)

  • 0-12 GTF Hercules
    • Pisces (3)
    • Capricorn (3)
    • Aquarius (3)
    • Aries (3)

(*) May be replaced with the GTF Ulysses and/or GTF Loki

Technical information

Into the Maelstrom
File name: SM1-09.fs2
File size: 84.1 KB
Author: James Agay
Total number of objects: 52 (+10 waypoints)
Total number of wings: 11
Number of mission events: 60
Number of messages: 23
Event music: 4: Numbers
Briefing music: Brief2