Journey's End

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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: Home at last, the 14th Battle Group must carry out its original mission...


With some assistance from the Vishnans, the GTVA 14th Expeditionary Battlegroup traversed the Delta-Serpentis jump node. The question is: did they return to their own universe this time?


Before your journey you might have watched this happen, sullen, helpless.

But not now. This betrayal will not stand.


  • The Renjian is fated to be destroyed in this mission. However, you can speed things up a little by abusing your new powers as Captain—the Duke, Bretonia, Persephone, Labouchere, Miranda and Boreas are all under your command for this mission, and you can command all of them to destroy the Renjian, which they will do with frightening efficiency.
  • Many players have questioned the motives behind the beachhead operation. Replaying the campaign will uncover a few clues in the early missions. Why were the initial probes not simple greetings? Why was the advance into Sol so cautious and militaristic, if the GTVA anticipated a joyful reunion with its GTA brethren? Why were no Vasudans included in the mission?

Total number of forces

Forces involved


(*) Default ship listed; actual ship type is based on ship type assigned in previous mission

(**) Units alive is based on surviving units at the end of previous mission