Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

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In development since: July 2010

Released: Not yet Released


Build required: TBA

Mods required: MediaVPs 3.6.12

Mods included:

  • New Ships
  • New Effects
  • New Music
  • New HeadAnis
  • Some other fun stuff!


Axem - Writing, FREDding, CBanis

Spoon - Beta Testing, Effects

MjnMixael - CBanis, Effects


Only one girl can save the universe from suddenly appearing demigods, mysterious shadowy councils and internet in-jokes. And that girl is... 19th century English Computer Programmer Forerunner, Augusta Ada Lovelace! Or some ditz named Holley. Whoever's available.


This campaign takes place after, Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo. A version of this campaign, compatible with the 3.6.12 mediavps, is released as part of the Just Another Day Collector's Edition. Playing it is not required to understand the campaign. Understanding the campaign is an impossible feat anyway.

FREDder's Notes

I don't have any yet!

Player Comments

Words cannot describe... This is amazingly fun to play and truly a milestone piece of FS art and entertainment. Awesome work, Axem (and Spoon and MjnMixael ^^) ) Made my day. Better than sliced bread. -MrTealTwo

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