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  • In development since: July 2005
  • Released: 13 November 2005 at 03:48:09 GMT
  • Mods included
    • 1 mysterious music file


  • Axem — Just Another FREDder

Missions and Campaigns

  • One 6-mission campaign


This new and amazing campaign answers the question, what happened to Bosch, and just what ARE the Shivans? In addition some other stuff happens but you switch sides to battle a corrupt and evil government! The fate of the GTVA rests on your shoulders.

Just another day, right?




Alpha 1. So yeah. It is.

Prepare for MORE the following!

  • MORE plotholes!
  • MORE copyright infringements!'
  • MORE references to disco music!
  • MORE the power of ETAM, the next-next-generation of ETAK! (ok, maybe not)
  • MORE God!*
  • MORE unexpected twist endings!

* - MORE God may still not be God, your God may vary.


This campaign is a direct sequel to Just Another Day and has a sequel Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane. A version of this campaign, compatible with the 3.6.12 mediavps, is released as part of the Just Another Day Collector's Edition.

FREDder's Notes

At first it was going to be called Just Yet Another Day, but Electric Boogaloo sounded much better.

I wanted to release this on JAD1's anniversary, but I got lazy. Instead I released it on my birthday. What a crappy present.

Discarded Quotes:
Alpha 1: "This smells like a big bunch of deus ex..."
Command: "Shh! You can't say that!"
Alpha 1: "Why not?!"
Command: "Some goober copywrited it!"
Beta 3: "Say what? Deus ex machina?"
Beta 3 blows up

Who I would want voice acting the campaign:
Alpha 1: Ben Browder
Aken Bosch/FRED: Sean Connery
Terran Command: Samuel L. Jackson (Mr T would also be acceptable)
General R. Redundant: John Cleese
Commander Ko Mander: Johnny Depp
Commander Red Nommac: Richard Dean Anderson
Every Terran Captain: Christopher Walken
Every Vasudan: Patrick Stewart
Not Derek Smart: Ahmed Best

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