Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

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In development since: July 2005
Released: November 2005

  • Axem: Writer, FREDder

Mods included:

  • Mysterious music file

Number of Missions: 6


This new and amazing campaign answers the question, what happened to Bosch, and just what ARE the Shivans? In addition some other stuff happens but you switch sides to battle a corrupt and evil government! The fate of the GTVA rests on your shoulders.

Just another day, right?




Alpha One. So yeah. It is.

Prepare for MORE the following!

  • MORE plotholes!
  • MORE copyright infringements!
  • MORE references to Disco Music!
  • MORE the power of ETAM, the next-next-generation of ETAK! (ok, maybe not)
  • MORE God*!
  • MORE unexpected twist endings!

( *MORE God may still not be God, your God may vary.)


This campaign is a direct sequel to Just Another Day and has a sequel Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane

FREDder's Notes

At first it was going to be called Just Yet Another Day, but Electric Boogaloo sounded much better.

I wanted to release this on JAD1's anniversary, but I got lazy. Instead I released it on my birthday. What a crappy present.

Discarded Quotes:
Alpha 1: "This smells like a big bunch of deus ex..."
Command: "Shh! You can't say that!"
Alpha 1: "Why not?!"
Command: "Some goober copywrited it!"
Beta 3: "Say what? Deus ex machina?"
Beta 3 blows up

Who I would want voice acting the campaign:
Alpha 1: Ben Browder
Aken Bosch/FRED: Sean Connery
Terran Command: Samuel L. Jackson (Mr T would also be acceptable)
General R. Redundant: John Cleese
Commander Ko Mander: Johnny Depp
Commander Red Nommac: Richard Dean Anderson
Every Terran Captain: Christopher Walken
Every Vasudan: Patrick Stewart
Not Derek Smart: Ahmed Best

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