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*[[http://www.game-warden.com/narfin/files/JAD3_SoaP.zip | Download Link to Main Campaign]]
*[[http://www.game-warden.com/narfin/files/JAD3_SoaP.zip | Download Link to Main Campaign]]
*[[http://www.game-warden.com/narfin/files/JAD3_SoaP_Xtra.zip | Download Link to Extras]]
*[[http://www.game-warden.com/narfin/files/JAD3_SoaP_Xtra.zip | Download Link to Extras]]
*[[http://www.freespacemods.net/download.php?view.20 Freespacemods.net Main Campaign + Extras Mirror]]
*[[http://www.nukelol.com/downloads/freespacefiles/campaigns/JAD3/JAD3_SoaP.zip Main Campaign Mirror 1]]
*[[http://www.nukelol.com/downloads/freespacefiles/campaigns/JAD3/JAD3_SoaP.zip Main Campaign Mirror 1]]
*[[http://www.nukelol.com/downloads/freespacefiles/campaigns/JAD3/JAD3_SoaP_Xtra.zip Extras Mirror 1]]
*[[http://www.nukelol.com/downloads/freespacefiles/campaigns/JAD3/JAD3_SoaP_Xtra.zip Extras Mirror 1]]

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  • In development since: September 2006
  • Released: May 30th 2007
  • Staff:
    • Axem: Writer, FREDder
  • Mods included:
    • Core File:
      • 1 Cache File
      • 6 Custom In Game Animations
      • 2 Preload TGA files
      • 4 Custom Maps
      • 8 Missions
      • 1 Model
      • 9 Vorbis music files
      • 1 TBM file
    • Extras File
      • 7 Cutscenes


With the death of FRED and FRED2 by the hands of Alpha 1, there no stands nothing to strike at the GTVA! Except for... Shivans! On a Plane!

The Shivans have returned and are bent on taking over ancient Earth aero-transports. We've got motherfrackin' Shivans! And there's not a got-damn thing you can do about it!

Just another day again, eh?



Alpha 1.


Why wouldn't it be? Get ready for the following things in random order!

  • plotholes on a plane!
  • copyright infringements on a plane!
  • references to Disco Music on a plane!
  • the power of ETAM, the next-next-generation of ETAK on a plane! (ok, maybe not)
  • God on a plane! (MORE God on a plane may still not be God on a plane, your God on a plane may vary.)
  • unexpected twist endings on a plane!
  • MORE on a plane!


This Campaign is the sequel to Just Another Day and Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

FREDder's Notes

JAD3 was a headache, but a fun headache. With the exception of the first mission, every mission had a complete redoing. That completely trashed every part of the story I had first wrote down. But alas, I somehow recovered.

Some notes about the missions

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the following storylines: Just Another Day

  • Mission 1: I was actually going to use the Shivans on a Plane here, which is why SLJ was there. But then I swapped it out for a Sath.
  • Mission 2: Finally a use for the Helios and Myrmidon! Unfortunately this is a mission where you can't use the Myrmidon.
  • Mission 3: This was going to be the Stealth Mission with similar jokes as Mission 5. Instead it went somewhere else.
  • Mission 4: This mission was done entirely for the Giant Robots. And the intro/promo/whatever. Gendo-Basudan is my favorite CommAni I did.
  • Mission 5: Up until the last few hours of finishing the whole campaign, the guest star was Admiral Haberdashery, but since the D&D setting kinda put him way out of place. Instead you got Monty Python.
  • Mission 6: The Shivans on a Plane was going to have a grand entrance, a ingame cutscene and fanfare and everything. But their role got cut (again) and they had 5 seconds of screen time at the very end.

Player Quotes

  • "Guranteed 110% fun." -Nubbles
  • "You made me smile today." -Colonol Dekker
  • "Oooooooookay... Axem's campaigns have reached a new level of weirdness..." -Dark Hunter
  • "Most anticipated campaign of the year" -ngtm1r
  • "Hehehe...was fun...especially liked to shut up Terran Fraggin Command" -TrashMan
  • "GTVAngelion was really funny... 'specially the intro cutscene music..." -Snail
  • "Good job Axem, can't wait to play it." -chief1983
  • "Mabye not as funny as the original, but the missions itself are much better, and rival with other campaigns, this also makes replaying the campaign more wortwhile - Joshua"

Most of which were taken from [| Official Announcement in HLP].

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