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*'''''Three times the power of ETAM, the next-next generation of ETAK plus one!'''''
*'''''Three times the power of ETAM, the next-next generation of ETAK plus one!'''''
*'''''Three times God plus one!'''''*
*'''''Three times God plus one!'''''*
*'''''Three times unexpected twist endings plus one!'''''
*'''''Three times AND MORE plus one!'''''
*'''''Three times AND MORE plus one!'''''

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The Just Another Day Collector's Edition (JAD:CE) is a re-release and compilation of Axem's Just Another Day (JAD), Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo (JAD2:EB) and Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane (JAD3:SoaP) by Axem, compatible with the 3.6.12 mediavps. With JAD's tradition heavily reliant on Hard Light Productions' (HLP) in-jokes and the latest happenings, as well as HLP tradition and FreeSpace development history, parodied in the FreeSpace universe as individual campaigns consisting of no more than six missions and no fewer than six missions each, JAD:CE is not just a re-release of JAD, JAD2:EB and JAD3:SoaP, but an update of all three campaigns, incorporating even more references to popular campaigns, re-worded comm lines and added clarity for some missions, briefings and debriefings that may not make immediate sense to a player new to the FreeSpace universe.

It also features three times God—the combined total of God in JAD, JAD2:EB and JAD3:SoaP—plus one. Do note, however, that three times God plus one may still not be God; your God may vary.


  • In development since: August 2004
  • Released: 19 September 2010 at 02:53:53 GMT
  • Mods included
    • 1 custom squad logo
    • 2 preload TGA files
    • 3 models
    • 4 custom maps
    • 6 custom in-game animations
    • 7 pre-rendered cutscenes
    • 11 mysterious music files


  • Axem — Just Another FREDder

Missions and Campaigns

  • Three 6-mission campaigns


See also: Just Another Day
See too: Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo
C-3PO: Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane

You'd think that, after three years and nine months of peace and quiet, the GTVA would release you with the greatest honours after saving their bottoms more than thrice, right? Wrong.

Once again, you must recall your skills at handling such unknown craft like the TIE Fighter and the Ferret to face a threat greater than any other (except FRED, of course)—déjà vu!

You have an interceptor, some peashooters, a bunch of sticks, and a top hat at your disposal. GO AND KILL!

Just another day, hmm?




Alpha 1. Yessirree.

Your mission: stop spam from flooding the GTVA's mail servers, fight against EEEEEEEVIIIIIIIL (or for them), learn MORE about the Shivans, battle some corrupt authority that no one gives a hoot about, and when you're done, watch yourself on a plane.

Yes, all of the above. And no, there's not a got-damn motherfrakking thing you can do about it.

This compilation also features three times all the following plus one, in any random three-times-six order:

  • Three times plotholes plus one!
  • Three times copyright infringements plus one!
  • Three times references to disco music plus one!
  • Three times the power of ETAM, the next-next generation of ETAK plus one!
  • Three times God plus one!*
  • Three times unexpected twist endings plus one!
  • Three times AND MORE plus one!

* - Three times God plus one may still not be God, your God may vary.

Major Changes

  • A new ship

Minor Changes

  • All three campaigns are now packed into a single mod and compatible with the 3.6.12 mediavps;
  • Bug fixes;
  • Several in-game mission messages and debriefing recommendation texts clarified and/or re-worded; and
  • A Spoon.


Axem, a veteran FREDder, has always maintained that JAD was partially inspired by Goober5000's Deus Ex Machina (DEM) campaign and FreeSpace's turbulent history that at one point cumulated in a possible buyout by Derek Smart (which ultimately did not happen). After experiencing how a Blue Screen of Death felt like to a computer running Windows ME—an immediate side-effect of playing DEM—Axem realised that nobody has ever attempted to create a serious parody of FreeSpace and its community out of the game engine before, and decided to make one himself.

The initial release of JAD was met with near-universal acclaim from all members of HLP, veterans and newcomers alike, and JAD soon became one of the few campaigns recommended to players wanting to upgrade from FreeSpace 2 to FS2_Open. This runaway success also made Axem even more famous in the community; although he was already an established member prior to JAD, its release upgraded his fame level from "established" to "household".

JAD's sequels, JAD2:EB and JAD3:SoaP, have received the same amount of acclaim as JAD, if not more, and JAD itself has been released a total of three times, discounting this hound: its initial release, a Special Edition, and a Super Special Edition.

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