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All information related to the KCSL Hecatos is non-canon.
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The Hecatos was a ship intended for a Wings of Dawn 2 species called the Ketrans. When this race was cut, the ship was released to the public.

The KCSL Hecatos


Tech Room Description

The aging stalwart Hecatos class heavy cruiser has been in service since BNC0760 and still remains to be a versatile ship. The 985 meter ship has a crew compliment of 250 and largely serves as a multi-role combat warship. It fills various roles from patrolling deep space to acting as the command ship to smaller ship formations. With 46 high-powered turret, it is still well capable of going toe-to-toe with most modern ships of its size, it's falling behind of the curve faster and faster and become harder to maintain and upgrade. The Board has approved the decommissioning of the older Hecatos ships to be replaced by the new Laeregis class battlecruiser. If the plans proceed as projected, the last Hecatos class ship, the KCSL Garuda, will be replaced in 50 years.

Like all Ketran capital ships, the Hecatos does not use shields, but rather polarized armor which completly deflects all shots until a certain threshold has been reached in which then it disappates around that area. This means fighters do not have a shield to fly under, but the armor itself seems to have no real resistance to any form of weaponry.


  • Original concept design, UV Mapping, Textures and Final touch ups by AndrewofDoom
  • Model by Axem
  • UV Mapping by and POF Conversion by Droid803

Name Origin

Hecatos is a corruption of the word Hecate, a reference to the GTD Hecate which its design was heavily inspired from.



Name KCSL Hecatos
Type Heavy Cruiser
Manufacturer Serenian Shipyards
Max Velocity 45 ms-1
Hitpoints 200 000 pts
Shields 100 000 pts
Length 985 m
Turrets 46 turrets
Fighter Complement 25 spacecraft


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Unknown 46

Veteran Comments

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