Keepers of Hell

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Fighter squadron: Vishnan Great Psyche

Description: The Shivans have prepared an ambush for the Vishnan Keeper.


Delta Serpentis, the Orestes, and your father are just one jump away. But a tremendous Shivan blockade lies in your path.


As soon as the Keeper arrives, order your wingmen to ignore the two Ravanas and to guard the Keeper. Boost your shield and engine power and use your secondaries to disarm the Ravana forward beams. If you feel you have time and hull integrity, do whatever you can to take out the stinger beams as well. On lower difficulties, ignore the Shivan fighters attacking you - your shields can handle it.

Once the Liliths and Moloch have arrived, order your wingmen to ignore the Moloch, then disarm the two Liliths of their main beams by whatever means necessary.


This mission has been rebalanced. In the original campaign, it was arguably harder than Forced Entry, requiring split-second timing in disarming each and every large Shivan beam.

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