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Knossos Subspace portal

The Subspace portal was discovered in the Gamma Draconis system in 2367. A team led by Dr. Mina Hargrove determined that the portal was constructed by the species known as the Ancients. Historical findings suggests that portals such as the Knossos were used to connect parts of the Ancients' once vast empire to another throughout the galaxy. It is speculated that the portal found in Gamma Draconis was deactivated to stem the tide of the Shivan advance. In retrospect, we know that this attempt was unsuccesful as the Shivans approached from a different direction, leading to the collapse of the Ancients' empire and the annihilation of their species. To sum up the functioning of the device, the interlocking circular motions of its components creates a subspace vortex that assists in stabilizing jump corridors otherwise too unstable to be used safetly. Events have also shown that if a portal is active for a period of time then deactivated, the jump corridor may become stabilized. The only accessible example of this device was destroyed by Allied demolition teams in an unsuccessful bid to prevent the Shivans' entry into the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance's core systems. Before that time, the scientific team studying the device was able to gather enough information such that something similar could conceivably be constructed to reestablish contact with the Sol system. Information concerning this project are limited due to ongoing techical and engineering evaluations on the technology.

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