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| [[Derelict Mission Walkthrough|Campaign Walkthrough]]
| [[Derelict Campaign Walkthrough|Campaign Walkthrough]]
| [[Through the Looking Glass|Previous Mission]]
| [[Through the Looking Glass|Previous Mission]]
| [[Bait and Switch|Next Mission]]
| [[Bait and Switch|Next Mission]]

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
Campaign Walkthrough Previous Mission Next Mission


Fighter squadron: 212th Silver Scythes
Description: Alpha completes the deployment of the beacons and fends off another pirate attack on Morgan freighters - BR


  • You're almost done, pilot. We trust that you're not having too many bad dreams in the sleep stages of your mission. Unfortunately, nightmares are an occassional side effect of deep space sleep. If you've had problems, you can see the station physician about them when you return to base.
Now, down to business... We seem to have encountered a situation at your next destination. Two Morgan Mining freighters have jumped in too close to the asteroid field you're about to mark. Lack of navigational data is proving to be a liability.
We have also picked up some transmissions from within the belt - it seems like you're flying into a pirate ambush. Be on your guard. While you will still lay the navigational buoys, your first task will be to guard the freighters by elminating any pirates, and clearing a path for them through the asteroid field.
Once they have jumped to safety, you will then continue your mission to lay the navigational beacons.


You'll encounter two wings of pirates on this mission making an attack on the Morgan Technologies freighters. They're Ulysses and should be easy kills. Even if the freighters are destroyed, you can still win the mission.


Notable ships present