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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: The GTCv Escher is responding to a distress call by a ship designated the Bates, but something's off...


Whatever ship you bring, bring a Mekhu HL-7 and Tempest missiles (a Tauret is best for this job).

The Escher will be trapped by a bunch of cargo-box-look-alike mines, and you can't target them. No matter the case, start destroying the boxes (watch out, some boxes have nasty shockwaves that will hurt). After the boxes can be illuminated, press your U (or target next unidentified cargo) key to find the last crates and destroy them. Let your team mates handle any aggressor ships.

After all the boxes are destroyed, multiple Artemis DH and Boanerges bombers will jump into the fray, and they will carry Helios warheads (even though the former cannot hold them). If enough of the Escher's anti-fighter systems are on, they'll take care of the Helios bombs. Just kill all the bombers, and when the Escher escapes, you can mop up and return to base.