Liberation of Epsilon Pegasi

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The Liberation of Epsilon Pegasi was a major victory for the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance and led to the defeat of the Neo-Terran Front. The Battle for Epsilon Pegasi was a costly battle for both sides, but the death of Admiral Koth caused the NTF forces to surrender without condition.

The battle was started by Aken Bosch who ordered a large task force to attack Enif Station. The battle was the first deployment of the GTF Perseus interceptor squadron, who defended the space station from rebel bombers. The NTF task force consisted of a cruiser of unknown configuration, the NTC Outrage (a Fenris-class cruiser), the NTC Cato and a Deimos-class corvette (Hawkwood), which lacked the firepower to level Enif station. The cruisers were destroyed and left the NTCv Hawkwood alone in the attack. The Alliance fighters were unprepared to face a corvette-type vessel which could have destroyed the space station if time had permitted. Before this could happen the GTVA Colossus arrived via subspace and quickly destroyed the Hawkwood.

The failure at Enif station and the sight of the Colossus deeply affected the NTF. The only step they could have taken would be to cut off the supply lines of the Colossus and sap the warship with numerous forceful strikes. The operation to destroy a supply convoy failed. The joint Terran-Vasudan forces skillfully defended their convoys and the large warship was at its full strength. The losses of the NTF in a matter of two operations were numerous fighters, two cruisers and a corvette while the GTVA only lost a negligible number of fighters.

An operation was launched by the GTVA to lure Admiral Koth away from his existing location. A small task-force, consisting of a Leviathan cruiser (GTC Rampart) attacked two NTF Fenris cruisers, the Majestic and Refute, and its fighter escort of 12 Hercules fighters. The dogfight was won by the Allied forces and the 2 NTF cruisers were damaged enough to lure Koth into the field of engagement in his command ship, the NTD Repulse. The Colossus was sent in and ordered the Admiral to surrender. Instead of doing so, he set course towards the Colossus. The giant warship quickly destroyed Koth's vessel, killing the Admiral. The Colossus suffered only minimal damage. Knowing that there is no hope, the defeated NTF forces surrendered and the Battle of Epsilon Pegasi was considered a decisive Allied victory.