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Welcome to the Freespace Wiki, the ultimate source for Freespace info on the web.

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The Freespace Wiki is designed to be a comprehensive source of data for the Freespace series of games, including information about the games themselves, the Freespace universe, and community activities, such as modding and the Source Code Project. It also contains help with some of the more common problems, such as setting up multiplayer and obtaining the freespace games, which can be quite difficult in stores.

Anyone can edit the Freespace Wiki, and we encourage you to do so, but please read our Canon Policy for information on what sort of data should be submitted, and how to submit it, before you begin.

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Featured Article of the Moment
Featured Article of the Moment
The Lucifer Superdestroyer in FreeSpace Open
The SD Lucifer was a significant Shivan capital ship during the Great War. The eventual destruction of the Lucifer at the end of FreeSpace 1 was the single most pivotal moment of the entire war, and would eventually allow the Terrans and Vasudans to claim a costly, if temporary, victory.

Effectively invulnerable in normal space due to its sheath-shielding system, the Lucifer was further advantaged by its armament of at least three (likely four) beam (or beam-like) weapons in an era before Terrans or Vasudans had developed such technology. Its forward "flux cannons" were its primary armament, and used to destroy large ships and installations such as the Beta Aquilae Communications Terminal while its side-mounted beams were used in the attack on Vasuda Prime.(more...)