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The FreeSpace Wiki is designed to be a comprehensive source of data for the FreeSpace series of games, including information about the games themselves, the FreeSpace universe, and community activities such as modding and the Source Code Project. It also contains help with some of the more common problems, such as setting up multiplayer and obtaining the FreeSpace games, which can be quite difficult in stores.

Anyone can edit the FreeSpace Wiki, and we encourage you to do so, but please read our Canon Policy for information on what sort of data should be submitted, and how to submit it, before you begin. You should also note that registration is required to edit the FreeSpace Wiki. If you want to contribute but can not decide where to begin then you could start with going through the requested pages. Another place you may want to look at is the Special pages listing.

Lastly, if you want to add a Veteran Comment, please read our Veteran Comments policy.

Featured Campaign of the Moment
Ancient-Shivan War (campaign)

The Ancient-Shivan War takes place in the distant past, putting the player in the role of one of the many Ancients as they fight desperately, and ultimately futilely, to save their empire and home from the Shivans. The player has the opportunity to pilot numerous Ancient ships as they take their part in the epic struggle for survival.

On November 22, 2012, the ASW development team released Act II. The Ancient-Shivan War is a take on the grand conflict which forms such a large part of the the background of the FreeSpace universe. It is said to have a very different feel and atmosphere to most campaigns, and features new effects, interface, ships and more, making it essentially a total conversion rather than a 'mere' mod. The first act has also been updated for compatibility with FreeSpace_Open v3.6.14. (more...)

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