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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.


Blue Planet Tech Room Description

The mass driver variant of the Varunastra gun is the short-range, brute-force element of the UEF's direct-fire warship weapons systems. Firing explosive-tipped ceramic rounds, the Varunastra-A can inflict punishing damage to corvettes and destroyers alike. Although Karuna frigates can snipe at range with their gauss cannons, they must close in to the 4-kilometer range of the mass driver to decisively conclude the engagement. Jovian engineers at Stormrider Systems built this weapon in concert with Earth-based Consolidated Material Dynamics more than fifteen years ago.


Mass Driver#Sanctus

Range 3600 m
Rate of Fire 0.1 shots per second
Velocity 3000 ms-1
Base Damage 600
Armor Damage 1.0x 600
Shield Damage 0.25x 150
Subsystem Damage 0.25x 150

Mass Driver#Karuna

Range 4200 m
Rate of Fire 0.1 shots per second
Velocity 3000 ms-1
Base Damage 1200
Armor Damage 1.0x 1200
Shield Damage 0.25x 300
Subsystem Damage 0.25x 300

Mass Driver#Narayana

Range 14400 m
Rate of Fire 0.1 shots per second
Velocity 4200 ms-1
Base Damage 2400
Armor Damage 1.0x 2400
Shield Damage 0.25x 600
Subsystem Damage 0.25x 600

  • Weapon does the final 75% damage to a ship with the supercap flag.


  • Weapon is capable of easily damaging large vessels (Huge)
  • Weapon cannot be mounted on small ships (Big Ship)
  • Weapon projectile generates particles (Particle Spew)
  • Weapon fires on the designated rate of fire on all difficulty levels and all AI levels (Same Turret Cooldown)

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