Meditations on the Abyss

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General Info

  • Author: Akalabeth Angel
  • What's available: Only chapter 1 has been released so far, there are four Chapters planned total.
  • Features:
    • About a half dozen new single player missions
    • Two types of missions: Very Boring and Very Hard
    • Several 3rd Party ships from various authors (credited in readme), and from FSPort. Plus a couple table mods by me.
    • Lots and lots of dialogue, much of it rather poorly written

  • The Scoop: Work will recommence on chapter 2 shortly, while the story's end has yet to be fully realised. Chapter 2 at the very least is now well into the planning stages. It will feature around 10 missions and will be SCP only for the sake of the new cutscene abilities present therein. Expected date of release is unknown, perhaps early 2009 depending upon how devoted I am to working on it and what I decide to include in it. -Akalabeth


You play the role of Miranda Doué, the only daughter in a family of long-standing military tradition. Unlike most pilots, you yearn for assignments with low prestige. You'd rather spend your career behind the scenes, contributing to the well being of the GTVA rather than in the limelight of the frontlines. However, fate has something else in store for you.

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Player Comments

If you like sensation, drama and pure pyrotechnics, you won't like this. However, if you like storyline, personae and realism, this is the way to go. Thumbs up, Akalabeth!SpaceFreak