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The mod.ini documentation from wxLauncher's old Google Code wiki ( is currently being ported to this page. For the old mod.ini page, see here: mod.ini (old)

This page describes all of the mod.ini options available to mod/TC authors. Most options are available to both mods and TCs, with the exception that the skin feature is available to TCs only.


First, take a look at the complete mod.ini sample to get a sense of the new mod.ini format's capabilities.

About the old format, there are two important points:

  • ALL of the mod.ini settings are OPTIONAL. The only requirement is that the mod.ini file must be present, even if it is blank.
  • This format is 100% compatible with the old mod.ini format. Therefore, you can use your existing mod without any changes, as long as the mod has a mod.ini file in its mod folder.

General notes

There are several details that should be considered when creating a mod.ini:

  • Resource files specified in the mod.ini do not have to be placed in the same folder as the mod.ini itself. They can be in a subfolder instead. Thus you can have a "resources" subfolder in your mod and place all the files there so that they don't clutter your main folder. Separate folders must be specified in the mod.ini using a forward slash (/), as in resources/my_image.png.
  • You can add comments to your file by starting lines with a # character. Those lines will be ignored by the launcher when it reads your mod.ini.
  • No labels should be left without a value. In other words, all lines in the mod.ini that are not comments or section headers (such as [launcher]) should follow the format label = value.
  • Edit your file with a syntax-highlighting capable text editor, such as Notepad++ (Windows), TextWrangler or Aquamacs (OS X), or Scintilla or Gvim/Vim (Linux).

Common sense (aka TLDR)

As noted before, all of the options in the mod.ini are optional. However, as a courtesy for the players, you should include at the very least:

  • Mod name (modname)
  • Your name (author)
  • Mod description (infotext)
  • If your mod depends on any mods, list those (secondarylist)

To make things easy, you can copy this basic mod.ini file, fill it in, and include it with your mod. It asks for exactly these pieces of information.


This guide follows the mod.ini sections in the order they appear in the sample mod.ini. To make the examples fit better, long lines are abbreviated using ellipses (...).

As stated in the sample mod.ini, this example deals with a fictional mod named "The Descent" for The Babylon Project.


modname        = The Descent
image255x112   = skin/logo.png
image182x80    = skin/logo_small.png
infotext       = The aging behemoth was floating in silence ... towards Earth.
author         = kkmic
notes          = You'll need the zathras mod to play this
warn           = 1
website        =
forum          =
bugs           =
support        =

This section is an expanded version of the old mod.ini. It allows you to define basic details about your mod.


Your "fancy" mod name. There is no length limit, although you should keep it below 50 characters, including spaces. This is the name that will appear in the launcher to identify your mod to the player.


The image that defines your mod. Must be 255x112 pixels. Although you can use any of BMP, PNG, or GIF formats, you should use BMP if you want to keep your mod compatible with the Windows launcher. If you don't specify an image, the current skin's modimage255x112 will be used instead.


The image that is shown on the mod list. Use it if you don't like the way the launcher shrinks your big image or if you want to emphasize some detail from it. Try not to confuse the user with two totally different images, though.


Introductory text for your mod. Summary. Teaser. Use your imagination.

Note: All of the text must be written on a single line in the mod.ini file. However, if you want to have a line break in the text (that is, text on a new line) write "\n" (without the quotes) -- see the sample for an example. Also note that the Windows launcher does not support this and will just print the "\n" as they are.


Your name. Or your team's name. People who play your mod should know whose hard work gives them joy. Or an agonizing death. Depending on your modding skills.


Notes regarding your mod. Technical details. Acknowledgements. You name them. Again, must be one line. See infotext for details.


Give this a value of 1 if your notes are of critical importance to the player.

The effect: a warning sign appears besides your mod once selected and also in the mod detail window beside the note itself.


Your mod's mighty homepage.


A link to a dedicated forum/forum section for your mod. If not specified, the Missions and Campaigns forum is used.


This is where the players should report bugs in your mod. Might be a dedicated bug tracker or a simple forum/forum section.


A link to the forum/forum section for support of your mod.









[skin] (TCs only)

















Basic mod.ini sample

# Just replace the text in <> with information about your mod
# and then put the file in your mod folder.
# For more things you can do with a mod.ini file, see
# <>

modname  = <NameOfYourMod>
infotext = <Describe your mod. You can use \n to add line breaks.>
author   = <YourName>

# If your mod requires other mods to run, include this section,
# otherwise remove it.
secondarylist = <ModDependency1>,<ModDependency2>,<etc.>

Complete mod.ini sample

# This is a fully-fledged mod.ini sample using ALL of the options
# available to mod/TC authors. Please visit the mod.ini wiki page
# to learn about what different options do:
# <>
# This sample was created for a fictional mod named "The Descent"
# for the Babylon Project total conversion.

modname        = The Descent
image255x112   = skin/logo.png
image182x80    = skin/logo_small.png
infotext       = The aging behemoth was floating in silence among the stars. An eternity has passed, and the Astrid was still sleeping in the coldness of space. Without warning, her forward thrusters fired with an eerie glow, sending vibrations throughout the ship. Metal screamed in protest, as more thrusters fired, shaking the solar dust of the hull. \n\nThen it was silence again. \n\nNothing appeared to have changed, yet slowly but surely, the destroyer had begun its descent towards Earth.
author         = kkmic
notes          = You will need the zathras mod to play this
warn           = 1
website        =
forum          =
bugs           =
support        =

minhorizontalres = 1024
minverticalres   = 768

name    = Descent recommended
flagset = -ambient_factor 90 -spec_exp 0.7 -spec_tube 1.0 -spec_point 0.7 -spec_static 1.0 -ogl_spec 15 -bloom_intensity 20

primarylist  = ;
secondarylist = zathras;

windowtitle = Astrid CIC
windowicon = skin/astrid.png 
banner = skin/welcome_page_banner.png
welcometext = <p><center><b><font size='3'>Welcome to wxLauncher, your one-stop-shop for Freespace 2 and related content</font></b><br><br>If you're new to the Freespace 2 universe, you might want to check out these links first:<br> = <a href=''>FS2 Wiki</a>  = <a href=''>FS2 Forum</a> = <a href=''>Wikipedia FS2 page</a> = <a href=''> Reporting bugs</a> =<br><br>Also, don't  forget the help file, there is a nice 'Getting Started' tutorial there.<br></center></p>
modimage255x112 = skin/modimage.png 
modimage182x80 = skin/modimage_small.png
iconok = skin/icon_ok.png
iconwarn = skin/icon_warn.png
iconwarnbig = skin/icon_warn_big.png
iconerror = skin/icon_error.png
iconinfo = skin/icon_info.png
iconinfobig = skin/icon_info_big.png
iconhelp = skin/icon_help.png
iconhelpbig = skin/icon_help_big.png
iconideal = skin/icon_ideal.png
newssource = hlp