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Mod.ini defines the options for a given mod. The core use for these is to allow a mod to easily use assets from another mod, such as the MediaVPs.

The file must be called "mod.ini" and be in the main folder of the mod. It must be in ASCII text format (not Unicode) and use Windows-style end-of-line markers.

PLEASE NOTE: Launcher v 5.4 or later, must be used. Earlier versions had some bugs that would cause this explanation about mod.ini to fail.




Information about the mod, displayed in the Launcher.


  • modname = Name of the mod;
  • image255x112 = Mod bitmap.bmp;
  • infotext = Information about the mod;
  • website = URL to the mod's website, if applicable;
  • forum = URL to the mod's forum, if applicable;
  • mantis = URL to the mod's bugtracker, if applicable (no longer supported as of Launcher 5.5);

The mod bitmap is displayed in the Launcher, under the "MOD" tab, when the mod is selected.



Defines other mods that are used at the same time.


  • primarylist = list of mods;
    • These mods will override assets in the current mod. Primarylist is needed very rarely. Currently only Silent Threat: Reborn requires the use of primarylist. Multiple mods are separated by commas.
  • secondarylist = list of mods;
    • These mods will be added to the assets for the current mod, and may be overridden by data in the current mod. Multiple mods are separated by commas.



Defines other required settings.


  • flags = list of additional commandline flags (no longer supported as of Launcher 5.5);


Below are examples of different mod.inis in various situations.

MediaVPs 3.6.10

The mod.ini provided with the MediaVPs doesn't use any other mods, as the MediaVPs are selected as a mod only when the player wants to play the regular FS2 campaign with better graphics. The mod.ini does, however, provide a Launcher image and links to Hard Light Productions.

image255x112 = FSU-MVP.bmp;
infotext     = Freespace II - 3.6.10 MediaVPs;
website      = http://www.hard-light.net/;
forum        = http://www.hard-light.net/forums;
mantis       = http://www.hard-light.net/mantis;

primarylist   = ;
secondarylist = ;


The Derelict mod.ini contains a reference to the MediaVPs, because many users want to play Derelict, and other mods, with better graphics provided by the MediaVPs. Also, the person who originally created the mod.ini deemed it necessary to include the -spec flag, though most people already have it turned on in their Launchers.

image255x112 = Derelict.bmp;
infotext     = Five years have passed since the jump node to the Capella system was collapsed...;
website      = http://www.3dap.com/hlp/hosted/ce/;
forum        = http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~freespace/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=83686deb4fd49b5f670f6d92203b257d&forumid=89;

primarylist   = ;
secondarylist = mediavps;

flags = -spec;

Cardinal Spear

Cardinal Spear is a mod that requires FSPort. Therefore, the secondarylist includes "fsport" in addition to "mediavps".

image255x112 = CardinalSpear.bmp;
infotext     = In the tenth year of our war against the Vasudans, humanity had attempted one last desperate strike to end the war outright - a spear in the dark.  The Cardinal Fleet had been laid ruin, and the crew of the GTD Agamemnon was being hunted by a Vasudan general.  It was too late for victory, but not too late for vengeance...;
website      = http://fsport.hard-light.net/;
forum        = http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/board,39.0.html;

secondarylist = fsport,mediavps;

Silent Threat: Reborn

Due to some design issues, Silent Threat: Reborn doesn't work correctly with the MediaVPs, if it is designated as the primary mod, with the other mods being of a secondary nature. The FSPort MediaVPs have to be read before ST:R for ST:R to function correctly. Therefore, "fsport-mediavps" is entered into the primarylist line.

modname      = Silent Threat: Reborn v1.0;
image255x112 = fsport-str.bmp;
infotext     = As the Great War rages on, you've been commissioned by Galactic Terran Intelligence for special intelligence operations.  Your objectives are to contain the Shivan onslaught and preserve the fragile Terran-Vasudan alliance.  But a series of suspicious events cloud the GTI's spotless record.  Is the GTI setting you up or are the Shivans spreading their evil rage?;
website      = http://fsport.hard-light.net/website/str/;
forum        = http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/board,140.0.html;

primarylist = fsport-mediavps;
secondarylist = fsport,mediavps;