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The *.IBX filetype caches 3D model information. It is stored in the data/cache folder of the main game or the mod folder that you have selected (in SCP). It's recommended that you include the relevant *.IBX files with any campaign you release with modded ships, as this will save the user a bit time. IBX files are automatically created by your models by placing the POF into a mission and running FS2O.


For a more formal specification of pof files, look here

For a list of POF subsystem properties used in PCS2 see Subobject_and_subsystem_properties

  • .POF files are used to hold model data.

The following properties are held in a POF file: (alphabetical order)

  • Central point of the model
  • Docking points
  • Eyepoint
  • Glowpoints
  • Heading
  • Paths
  • Squadron logo location
  • Subobject behaviour, radars, debris, LODs
  • Subsystem locations, their radii and naming
  • Texture data (SEE NOTE)
  • Thruster locations and radii
  • Turret fire points and normals
  • Weapon points and banks

Depending on what modeling programs you have, making a POF can be done in three ways:

Important note about textures in POFs

Only the initial Base Map (also called Colour Map or Diffuse Map) needs to be listed in the Texture slot for a ship in the POF. All other texture types (-normal, -shine, -glow) are loaded by the engine automatically as they are found should they exist.
Ex: MyShip.pof has a base texture called Should they exist, the engine will load, and, as the "MyShip" part will link them all together.