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Modular tables are SCP addition to the standard FreeSpace table system. XMTs (or eXtentable Modular Tables) offer capability to add new entries or alter already existing tables without any need of editing the 'parent' table file.

Extendable Tables

Other Related Tables

Important Notes

  • Modular table files should use the 'parent table' files sections.
  • Completely new entries and also complete rewrites of entries in parent table file are always possible.
  • For xxx-shp.tbm and xxx-wep.tbm
    • Table entries in modular tables do not have to be complete. Partial entries can be used to alter the data found in parent table files when only some changes to the original are desired to be made.
    • Adding +nocreate right after the entry's name prevents possible creation of partially undefined entry. For example if the parent table file lacked the entry that was included to the as a partial entry to the modular table file then the creation of partially undefined entry is possible which could cause problems with the game.
      • Example:
  $Name:              @Subach HL-7

Sample - Alpha-wep.tbm

  • Changes the speed of the Subach HL-7 and also adds a faint grey trail to it.
  • To create it make a text file using a text editor and save the file as Alpha-wep.tbm with the following contents to the proper folder (.../data/tables).
  #Primary Weapons
  $Name:              @Subach HL-7
  $Velocity:         650.0	
     +Start Width:      0.4
     +End Width:        0.0
     +Start Alpha:      0.35
     +End Alpha:        0.0
     +Max Life:         0.2
     +Bitmap:           Contrail