More Than Meets the Eye

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Fighter squadron: 91st Phantoms

Description: Reinforce a secure Vasudan convoy under attack by Shivans.



You have Alpha and Beta wings (three fighters each) of your own choosing.

The Vasudan convoy will be under attack by the time you arrive, but they can hold their own. You just have to deal with two waves of Shivans. The second wave will have some bombers, but they're just Taurvi fighters. Resume your escort, until you see some Dragons six kilometers away. A Terran science ship called the Einstein will be under attack, try to get as many kills as you can. When the Basilisks show up, their massed swarm missiles will kill the Einstein and they will deploy escape pods. Kill the rest of the Shivans as you can, then Command will inform you to get to the escape pods.


This mission is a Red Alert mission, meaning that you will be in the same fighter in the same condition for the next mission. You may want to rearm and repair before it ends.

The Einstein cannot be saved; it must be destroyed for the mission to end.