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The 107th embarks on a recon mission in the nebula beyond the [[Knossos]] portal, only to discover the [[NTF]] has beaten them to it.

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Fighter squadron:


The 107th embarks on a recon mission in the nebula beyond the Knossos portal, only to discover the NTF has beaten them to it.


The first mission in the nebula. Take off, even without authorization (You are not yelled at, if you do), and follow Zeta 1. During your journey, you encounter several Shivan fighters. I don't think I have to explain what to do with them. In the nebular environment, you can hardly aim, so do not get nervous easily. Use your rockets to better handle the fighters. With Zeta 1, you discover a derelict Terran cruiser (NTC Trinity, GTC Fenris-class) inside the nebula. Try to protect the cruiser as long as you can.

You cannot save the NTC Trinity from the SF Dragon-class fighters, and the boarding party will also be lost. Jump out of the nebula quickly. If the Shivans destroy you in the last stage of the mission several times, you can stay away from the battle without engaging the Shivans and see how they vaporize the Trinity. Active your subspace drive and depart. Command can only say the truth: There was nothing you could have done to save the Trinity. Thanks to the designer of the mission, you do not stand a chance to defend it at all. If you manage to defend it by using cheats, you won't be permitted to proceed with the campaign

Notable ships present