NR T'Loth

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The NR T'Loth


Tech Room Description

The T'Loth class Assualt Cruiser is the Narn Regime's vessel of choice for planetary invasions. This is due to the increased internal cappacity for troops and assault craft, when compared to the Th'Nor. The T'Loth is most immediately compared to the Th'Nor, as it becomes quite apparent that the former is simply 2 of the later, joined by a mirrored midsection. This odd configuration however, becomes a hassle in combat, impeding maneuverabilty and creating certain blind spots in its defensive firepower coverage. Despite this, the T'Loth is still a capable warship, being one of the first Narn warships equipped with jump engines. While the Th'Nor has been mostly retired from service, and the G'Quan has taken up the bulk of Narn warship duties, its capability in the assault role failed to best the T'Loth, and so this older design has remained in service, supported by its younger, sister-designs. With the heavy losses taken by the Narn during their war with the Centauri, only a few of these ships remain in service. As the Narn rebuild their fleet, they will undoubtably seek to either resume construction of the T'Loth, now enhanced with anti-gravity technology obtained from the Minbari, or chose to design a new ship, based entirely on the new tech.

Veteran Comments



Type Assaul Cruiser
Manufacturer Narn Regime
Maneuverability n/a
Max Velocity 30 mps
Max Afterburner Velocity n/a
Armor Very Heavy
Hitpoints 200000
Length n/a


Turret Mounts/Position Standard Loadout
1st n/a NR Heavy Plasma Turret
2nd n/a NR Heavy Plasma Turret
3rd n/a NR Heavy Plasma Turret
4th n/a NR Heavy Plasma Turret
5th n/a NR Medium Plasma Turret
6th n/a NR Medium Plasma Turret
7th n/a NR Medium Plasma Turret
8th n/a NR Medium Plasma Turret
9th n/a NR Light Plasma Turret
10th n/a NR Light Plasma Turret
11th n/a NR Light Plasma Turret
12th n/a NR Light Plasma Turret
Compatible Primaries