NTF Rebellion

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The NTF Rebellion was an open protest against the politics of the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance by Supreme Admiral Aken Bosch and his loyalists.

In 2366, Admiral Aken Bosch of the GTVA 4th Fleet declared his scission with the rest of the GTVA and the formation of a new government based in Polaris, the Neo-Terran Front. The governments of Regulus and Sirius also defected, leading to heavy fighting in the front lines of Alpha Centauri, Deneb, and Epsilon Pegasi. This timeline will span between the initial fall of Polaris to the escape of Bosch and destruction of the NTF Iceni in the nebula.


=====March 17th:===== Admiral Aken Bosch of the GTVA 4th Fleet secedes from the GTVA and forms his own government, Neo-Terra, in Polaris. =====March 23rd:===== The government of Regulus defects to the NTF. =====March 25th:===== Sirius swears allegience to the Neo-Terran Front. =====April 19th:===== NTF successfully invades Alpha Centauri. =====April 23rd:===== NTF gains a foothold in Epsilon Pegasi. =====May 3rd:===== NTF takes control of most of Deneb. Construction of the Iceni begins as Bosch plunders Ancient archeological sites.


=====February 12th:===== Bosch learns the location of the Knossos subspace portal. =====July 20th:===== NTF Iceni launches from a hidden asteroid base in Deneb. =====August 1st:===== GTVA Colossus construction completed. =====August 10th:===== GTC Trinity defects to the NTF. =====August 14th:===== NTF presence detected in Gamma Draconis. GTC Vigilant sent to patrol node. =====August 16th:===== Rakshasa-class Shivan cruiser and several wings of Maras appear through the Knossos portal, destroying the Vigilant. GTVA command deploys the GTD Carthage and the GVCv Dashor to neutralize the immediate threat. =====August 20th:===== NTC Trinity discovered adrift in the nebula. =====August 22nd:===== SD Ravana destroyed in the nebula. =====August 25th:===== A GTVA two-pronged offensive in Sirius fails, allowing the NTF to maintain their grip on that system. =====August 28th:===== NTF launches a major offensive in Epsilon Pegasi. Rear Admiral Koth and the NTF 6th Fleet inflict 75 per cent causalties to the GTVA forces. =====August 29th:===== First combat deployment of the GTVA Colossus, at the Battle of Enif Station. =====November 1st:===== NTD Repulse destroyed by ramming the GTVA Colossus. NTF 6th Fleet defeated. GTVA gains full control of Epsilon Pegasi. =====November 2nd:===== GTVA forces take Alpha Centauri and Deneb. =====November 7th:===== Sirius falls to the GTVA. Bosch orders the rest of the NTF fleet to Gamma Draconis and the nebula to make contact with the Shivans. =====November 8th:===== GTVA Colossus, Terran and Vasudan warships, sentry guns and bombers annihilate much of the NTF's fleet. =====November 9th:===== NTF Iceni, NTC Alexandria, and NTT Grall escape to the nebula. SOC operatives, posing as NTF saboteurs, deactivate the beam cannons on the Colossus to allow the Iceni to escape. =====November 11th:===== First appearance of the SJ Sathanas. Testing of the ETAK device successful between the NTF Iceni and the SD Chemosh. =====November 15th:===== Destruction of the SJ Sathanas by the GTVA Colossus in Capella. =====November 18th:===== Admiral Bosch and his immediate subordinates captured by the Shivans. GTVA recovers the schematics for the ETAK device. NTF Iceni self-destructs. End of the NTF rebellion.

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