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Nebula.tbl is used to define the various nebula bitmaps and poofs.


  • Table begins with list of all bitmaps available for the nebulae
  • Section ends with #end
  • Second section is a list of nebula poofs that also ends with #end


  • Defines the graphics used for the nebula bitmaps
  • Syntax: String


  • Defines the used nebula poofs
  • Syntax: String


  • Retail FreeSpace 2 table
+Nebula:			nbackblue1
+Nebula:			nbackblue2
+Nebula:			nbackcyan
+Nebula:			nbackgreen
+Nebula:			nbackpurp1
+Nebula:			nbackpurp2
+Nebula:			nbackred
+Nebula:			nbackblack


+Poof:				PoofGreen01
+Poof:				PoofGreen02
+Poof:				PoofRed01
+Poof:				PoofRed02
+Poof:				PoofPurp01
+Poof:				PoofPurp02