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Neo-Terra Victorious is a campaign based on the NTF's struggle. For a long time, this campaign never got beyond a demo release statu, but it has been recently resurrected and is now currently WIP.

Project Leaders:

  • Galemp - Senior advisor, modeller
  • Mobius - FREDder, Tabler, Plot creator

Other members:

  • Droid803 - FREDder
  • dragosniper - FREDder
  • Nuclear1 - FREDder
  • Bob-san - FREDder (?)

Other work by:

  • FreeSpaceFreak - Artist

Current Status:

  • Demo: Released
  • New Campaign: WIP


The campaign is to show the NTF rebellion from the perspective of a young NTF pilot, a typical member of the Lost Generation. Unlike the Demo, the campaign starts during the Second Battle of Deneb and will feature alternate outcomes that will be more favorable to the NTF than they were in the main FreeSpace 2 campaign.

The new NTV continuity isn't connected to events showed in the old Demo.

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