Nightmare Destroyer

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All information related to the Nightmare Destroyer is non-canon.
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Nightmare Destroyer
AdD Crown as seen in Ancient-Shivan War.
ND Darkhorn as seen in Shadow Genesis.


Tech Room Description

The Nightmare destroyer is the most powerful destroyer class ship ever encountered by the GTVA. It is believed to only have a limited fighter capacity, with close support provided by strike carriers with swarms of escort fighters. This class of ship should only be engaged if it is absolutely necessarry.

Ancient-Shivan War Tech Room Description (AdD Crown)

The Crown destroyer is the largest and most massive space-faring class of capital ship fielded by the Aesdherians. They are also considered as the most dangerous, despite their rarity. These destroyers would appear to have been crafted for direct thrusts when fighting on the offensive, a feature sometimes regarded as orthodox. The Crown has a respectable complement of anti-fighter and anti-capital armaments, able to challenge some of our more powerful warships like the Pylos. Individually, bombers such as the Attis can defeat them when deployed in mass. However, when the Crown is in a fleet formation, our destroyers and carriers are better suited for the task.

Shadow Genesis Tech Room Description (ND Darkhorn)


Asmara Eversor

The most deadly and powerful, apart from the Hiven, warship in the Nightmare armada is a Darkhorn-class destroyer. Darkhorns are commanders of the fleet that lead the battlegroups to fight and control smaller units. Ironfists that easily annihilate any warship from cruiser to destroyer. Armed with numerous beam cannons and anti-fighter turrets, capable of producing and deploying tens of fighters and bombers. Unlike smaller types of Nightmares, fully obedient to their superiors, Darkhorns are fully aware, have their individual characters and tactics and make most of tactical decisions about their battlegroups. A hierarchy of some kind was spotted among the Darkhorns, with some of them, like the ND Ethereal or the ND Chimera, being much closer to the Hiven and given much independence in creating strategies.


  • Model by Aldo



Name Nightmare Destroyer
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 450 - 450 - 450 s
Max Velocity 10 (45) ms-1
Hitpoints 500000 pts
Length 3220.45 m
Width 2200 m
Height 2046.41 m
Turrets 51 turrets
Fighterbays 1


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
BViolet 5
MViolet 11
NSlash 4
NightmareAAA 6
Nightmare Turret Laser 18
Nightmare Fighter Laser 12


Modding Resources

$POF File: ndestroyer.pof
Texture list: nightmare9A;nightmare7A;nightmare4A;nightmare8A;nightmare6A;nightmare9B;nightmare4B;nightmare8B;nightmare7B;nightmare9C;nightmare4C;nightmare8C;nightmare7C;DocTile6A;DocTile6A;nightmare5A

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