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All information related to the ORC Amalthea is non-canon.
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The ORC Amalthea


Tech Room Description

Outer Rim Syndicate - Amalthea Cruiser

The Amalthea-class cruiser is a heavily modified refit of the Leviathan-class cruiser and the only Syndicate cruiser still currently deployed in the Exodus Fleet. However, the Amalthea was originally a GTA design. The first Amalthea-class cruisers appeared in the GTA 1st Gaian Fleet shortly after the Great War by refitting older Leviathan-class cruisers with reinforced armor, a more powerful engine, and new torpedo launchers. Several dozen more Leviathan-class cruisers were refitted into Amalthea-class cruisers during and shortly following the Secession War by the GTA and the EFN, respectively. However, the Amalthea quickly became obsolete when the ORS-EFN arms race after the Secession War resulted in a completely new generation of Federate cruisers replacing the Amalthea cruisers. Bamiyan Development Corporation then covertly acquired the Amalthea’s blueprints through corporate espionage and used them as a template to retrofit the Amalthea for use by the ORS Navy. With a more powerful reactor, a hangar bay able to house a small contingent of repair drones or a small complement of six fighters, and modern weapon systems including three railgun batteries and two defensive missile launchers, the modified Amalthea fully met the requirements of an ORS fleet asset. These new Amalthea cruisers were first introduced in 2343 to complement the 2nd Jovian Fleet's remote outposts in the Asteroid Belt and around Jupiter’s moons. Since then, they continuously served in ORS units and though their production was discontinued in favor of the Vitalius-class frigates, they could still be seen in every ORS fleet up until the Shivan Invasion. Amalthea cruisers played an important part in the Great Exodus and were subsequently assigned to the Escort Fleet.


  • Model by Col.Hornet
  • Textures by Nyctaeus

Designer's Comments



Width 90.16 m
Height 170.29 m
Length 327.73 m
Turrets 16
Fighterbays None


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Syndicate Turret 10
Standard Railgun 3
Thunderstrike 1
AFSwarm 2


Veteran Comments

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There is an obvious emplacement for a fighterbay at the back, but it has no special point or paths in the pof for it. While the Amalthea was originally modeled as a Deimos-size ship and then scaled down for Exile, the hangar bay would still be large enough to accommodate escape pods, shuttles and small fighters like the Ulysses if it was functional, although internal space would be a concern.

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