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Objecttypes.tbl is a table added by the FSSCP, used to set attributes of different object types. Currently the only section of this table are ship type attributes. A ship 'type' supercedes ship classes defined in ships.tbl. For example, the GTF Perseus and GTF Ulysses belong to the 'fighter' ship type. However, the GTD Orion belongs to the 'capital' ship type.

General Format

#Ship Types


  • Name of ship type. To assign a ship class to a given type, simply place the name entered here in the ship class's "$Flags:" field.

$Counts for Alone:

  • Whether ship counts for determing whether or not Freespace 2 will play the "No reinforcements are available" message.
  • Syntax: Yes/No

$Praise Destruction:

  • Whether wingmates will praise destruction of the ship.
  • Syntax: Yes/No

$On Hotkey List:

  • Whether ship will show up in hotkey screen.
  • Syntax: Yes/No

$Target as Threat:

  • Whether ship will be targetted with the 'H' key.
  • Syntax: Yes/No


  • Toggles whether ship type can be scanned
  • Syntax: Yes/No

$Warp Pushes:

  • Whether ship will push other (pushable) ships out of the way while warping.
  • Syntax: Yes/No

$Warp Pushable:

  • Whether ship can be pushed out of the way by ships with Warp Pushes enabled
  • Syntax: Yes/No

$Max Debris Speed:

  • Maximum speed of debris spawned from ship
  • Syntax: Number or decimal

$FF Multiplier:

  • Friendly-fire damage to ship will be multiplied by this amount
  • Syntax: Number or decimal

$EMP Multiplier:

  • EMP effect will be multiplied by this amount. Higher values mean more HUD jittering/longer-lasting effect.
  • Syntax: Number or decimal

$Beams Easily Hit:

  • Whether beams can easily hit ship (eg capship beams rarely hit fighters)
  • Syntax: Yes/No


+Start Dist:

  • Distance from camera that fogging effect will start
  • Syntax: Number or decimal

+Compl Dist:

  • Distance from camera that fogging effect will start
  • Syntax: Number or decimal


+Valid Goals:

  • Valid goals that can be given to fighter
  • Valid orders:
    • attack ship
    • dock
    • waypoints
    • waypoints once
    • depart
    • attack subsys
    • form on wing
    • undock
    • attack wing
    • guard ship
    • disable ship
    • disarm ship
    • attack any
    • ignore ship
    • ignore ship (new)
    • guard wing
    • evade ship
    • stay near ship
    • keep safe dist
    • rearm ship
    • stay still
    • play dead
    • attack weapon
    • fly to ship
  • Syntax: ( "goal" "goal" )