Official Volition Node Map

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Volition released this map in 1998 as the standard reference for all jump nodes in the FreeSpace Universe. While FS2 adheres to this map for the most part, there are unfortunately numerous conflicts between what we see here and what is seen in both games. See Node Inconsistencies for a list of these conflicts.

The systems on this map do not adhere with the stars' positions as seen in the night sky from Earth, nor the relative distances to one another (for those that exist in real life).

Several user-made node maps are available. Some of them are simple recreations of the canon node map, while others add non-canon systems to the compendium.

MjnMixael's high-resolution version of the FreeSpace 1 node map is available here. MjnMixael's hi-res version of the FS2 node map is available here. Both aim to be as faithful to the original node maps as possible while producing more readable, higher-resolution images.

CP5670's node map was based on the official node map, but corrects some of the latter's errors and incorporates the changes made in FS2. It can be found here.

In 2006, the BWO team released a non-canon nodemap that can be used as a fairly consistent map of the location of non-canon systems such as Tania Australis and Tau Sigma within the Cold Element continuity.