One Perfect Moment

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

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Fighter squadron: Not given.

Description: Simms and Laporte help the White Guard escort a Federation Elder to secret negotiations with the Vasudans.


The arrival of the Pesedjet in Sol space has made the UEF wary; the Vasudans entering the war, even if only to provide logistical support, would strengthen the GTVA's war efforts drastically. However, the rescue of the logistics ship by the Wargods has opened the door for diplomatic relations with the Vasudans. Admiral Recamai, the commander of the GVD Shepseskaf and a member of the Vasudan Medjai, has agreed to meet with one of the Federation's Elders at a classified neutral location. In the interests of discretion, it has been agreed that each representative will come aboard a transport with a small escort force.

The best choice for meeting with Admiral Recamai would be Elder Svetlana Hendrikssen, a physicist who worked with Vasudans during the Great War; however, she is not fit to travel. Instead, Elder Lin Taudigani will make the voyage who, aside from being an accomplished political scientist, can also speak Vasudan in both the sitting and standing forms. In addition to taking two Knights of the White Guard as her escort, she has, at the Vasudans' urging, requested that two Wargods also join the escort. In fact, a member of the Pesedjet's crew has specifically requested that Noemi Laporte be there.

The plan is simple: Meet the Elder's transport at Luna City, escort her to the negotiation site, guard against unwanted shenanigans, and escort her home.


This is a scramble mission, so you're stuck with your ship, which is a Kent armed with its standard loadouts of one bank each of Mauls, Rapiers, Hellfires, Darts, and Javelins. This should be sufficient, considering that the White Guard will be loaded for bear. More like elephant, really.

Anyway. This mission is easy; fly to Luna City and listen to the dialogue. When you get to the Reshadiye, jump out when ordered.



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