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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: Inferno Chapter 1 GTVA Side Mission 2


With Beta Aquilae secured, the GTVA move into EA held space. The first step is to capture an installation on the far side of the Beta Aquliae-Delta Serpentis jump node to use as a staging point. The installation is run by a skeleton crew, with its turrets automated, but it is guarded with a number of EA warships. The GTVA sends in the Independence to attack the warships while bombers disable the installation's automated defenses in preparation for a boarding party of marines.


As the mission starts, the Independence will engage the EA warships in the area. Ignore the warships, as the Independence will make short work of the Raven's Claw and Blackheart. Make a beeline for the Arcas installation and go for its weapons subsystem first, then its sensors subsystem. The station is armed with a large number of kinetic laser turrets which will be extremely annoying and will ping pong you around - disabling the weapons subsystem first will lower their accuracy and give you an easier time with the sensors subsystem.

When both subsystems are disabled, all the turrets on the station will stop firing, and command will deploy a boarding craft. Hostile fighters will then be launched from the station to attack the boarding transport. Order all your wingmen to protect it and attempt to intercept. If the first boarding transport goes down, command will deploy a second one.

Once a transport has docked, the station will quickly flip to friendly and you will be cleared to return to base.


This mission will make you learn to hate kinetic blob turrets. They are especially annoying when trying to acquire bomb lock.

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