Operation Templar

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Operation Templar was a series of missions in which the Hammer of Light was crushed. These missions were to be played in the multiplayer co-op option in FreeSpace 2 originally. The Game of the Year edition includes an unmodified, unbalanced single-player version.

If you want to play Operation Templar in singleplayer at its intended multiplayer difficulty level, start it as a network game with yourself as the only player, so you will get respawns.

Official Description

Operation Templar, a joint GTA-Vasudan endeavor, hunts down the last remnants of Hammer of Light. The rebels stage a desperate last stand, hijacking a Vasudan destroyer and taking hostages.

Campaign/Mission Briefings

Main article: Operation Templar Campaign Briefings


Other Resources

The original Operation Templar, as released in the Game of the Year edition was very unbalanced, and hard to play in singleplayer mode. The FSPort team released a more balanced, improved version of it in their main release.



The unbalanced version of Operation Templar

Download FSPort for the balanced, improved version