Out of the Dark, Into the Night (Derelict)

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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Description: The pre-emptive stike on the Nyarlathotep's position has gone badly wrong, and now the GTD Valhalla is disabled on the outskirts of the Phi Eridani nebula cloud. Alpha wing is sent in to assist in the evacuation and repair of the destroyer.


Alpha Wing will be piloting 4 Hercules Mark II fighters armed with twin Prometheus S cannons, Harpoons and Trebuchets. Epsilon Wing will fly 3 GTF Ulysses fighters.

Clean out the first wave of fighters and bombers surrounding the Valhalla. Once they are finished, the Valhalla will deploy their escape pods (five waves of two). Several wings of Manticores will attempt to eliminate those escape pods. Use your wingmen and missiles to hold back the Manticores.

Once the escape pods are evacuated, the GTCV Escher will come in to defend the Valhalla, and the latter will deploy Delta Wing of 4 Hercules-class fighters. Hold the rest of the Shivan fighters and bombers back. After some time has passed, the Demon-class destroyer Cthon will arrive in the area. Use your Trebuchets to take out the main beam cannons.

When the Valhalla successfully jumps into subspace, follow her out.