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All information related to the PCD Saturn is non-canon.
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The PCD Saturn is a user-made Terran-Vasudan warship. It bears a striking resemblance to the GTD Hades and is the command ship of Admiral Hiruk S. Dasmar, Supreme Admiral of the Procyon Confederal Autonomy (PCA) and the Vasudan responsible for sparking off the events in The Procyon Insurgency.

Scans of the Saturn by GTVA pilots during the Procyon Insurgency place great emphasis on three aspects of the Saturn: its similarity to the Hades, its four engine-mounted heavy beam cannons—each being able to sustain fire for a much longer duration than any GTVA destroyer-grade beam cannon—and, last but not least, its unusually small crew of approximately 1200. By contrast, standard GTVA destroyers each have a crew of about ten thousand.


According to a conversation that was overheard by two GTVA pilots of the 74th Shadow Knights, GTD Delphi, as well as several members of GTVA High Command, Admiral Dasmar revealed that the Saturn was one of two identical Hades-class destroyer prototypes manufactured by Galactic Terran Intelligence (GTI) during the Great War, the first being the ship with the same name as the class. While the Hades's purpose was to spearhead the overthrowing of the GTA, the Saturn was initially designed to be a deep-space exploration vessel.

The Saturn was first deployed by GTI in 2337 to investigate a Knossos portal in Ross 128, which Dasmar assumes was where the Shivans came from. At the time of the Hades's destruction, the Saturn was in Ross 128 itself.

Soon after the destruction of the Hades, Vasudan Tactical Command (VTC) wanted to learn more about the GTI's activities in Ross 128 and deployed a fighter group of three wings to investigate. Dasmar was the leader of this group.

The Vasudan fighters engaged and destroyed the GTI units at the Knossos portal in Ross 128 before entering the Knossos and finding themselves in a gas cloud, which was part of the NGC 6720 nebula. They also saw the disabled and slightly damaged Saturn in front of them and briefly attacked it. Upon learning that the Saturn was dead in space, Dasmar ordered two of his wingmen to board the Saturn and investigate. They reported that the Saturn was completely devoid of life, and that its crew had vanished without a trace.

Shortly after this discovery, the Vasudan fighters were set upon by a Shivan destroyer and approximately fifteen wings of Dragon-class fighters. In the battle that ensued, only Dasmar survived long enough to flee; the rest of the Vasudans were killed. Dasmar would have died as well had it not been for the intervention of an unknown fleet, which promptly wiped out the entire Shivan force in a matter of seconds. Although Dasmar was unable to gain visual or sensor lock on his saviors, he described the annihilation of the Shivan force as being like "a torrent of crystalline shards". Dasmar linked this to the fragments of conquest written on the Ancient writings that Vasudan scientists found on Altair shortly after the destruction of Vasuda Prime. Hence, he deduced that his saviors were none other than the Ancients themselves.

As for the Saturn, it was left in the state that Dasmar and his wingmen had left it for two more years. In 2339, however, VTC took interest in the Saturn and dispatched a larger force to capture it for a classified research initiative. This time, the VTC party encountered no resistance whatsoever, and towed the Saturn to a VTC facility in the Adhara system.

Not too long after the Saturn reached the Adhara facility, the Vasudan Imperium seized control of power in Vasuda, and the highest Parliamentary Vasudan Navy and VTC commanders were executed for treason. The Adhara facility was subsequently abandoned. Dasmar claimed that, at that point in time, there were less than ten individuals who knew about the Saturn and were still alive.

The existence of the Ross 128 Knossos, the skirmish between GTI and VTC forces at said Knossos, and the discovery of the Saturn by VTC were never revealed to the public because VTC had violated the peace treaty between both species by attacking GTI pilots, and GTI did not wish to be implicated for their knowledge of the Knossos portal and being involved in the Shivan incursion.

The Adhara facility was left abandoned until 2363, when Dasmar ordered the 7th Battle Group to take over the outpost in secrecy. Dasmar's intention was to equip the Saturn with Ancient weaponry, then use it as a defensive weapon during the Procyon Insurgency to hold off the GTVA while he attempts to draw the Ancients back into Terran-Vasudan space.


The PCD Saturn

The Procyon Insurgency Tech Room Description

This is a new type of destroyer only recently encountered by GTVA forces. The Saturn is a proprietary warship of the PCA and has an internal design very similar to that of the GTD Hades, the flagship of the rogue Galactic Terran Intelligence faction from 2335. We suspect that Admiral Dasmar and other high-ranking PCA officers are aboard this vessel. It is not known how the PCA obtained the Hades' design information and blueprints, or where and when the Saturn was constructed. All other data concerning this warship has been classified Level Chi.


  • Original model by Volition
  • Additional turret hardpoints by fulgrymm
  • Textures by Psycho and CP5670
  • Additional changes by CP5670



Name PCD Saturn
Type Command Destroyer
Manufacturer Galactic Terran Intelligence
Max Velocity 15 ms-1
Hitpoints 600 000 pts
Length 3404 m
Turrets 66 turrets
Fighter Complement Unknown


The Procyon Insurgency
Turret Type Amount
BBlue 4
Ancient Turret 11
Heavy Flak 20
Standard Flak 3
PiranhaExtreme 8

Veteran Comments

Read the Veteran Comments policy before editing this section.

The Saturn is very nearly what an ideal destroyer should be. Its four engine-mounted destroyer-scale beam cannons can easily cream an Orion with a single salvo, and each of them are virtually impossible to destroy with anything that does less subsystem damage than a Trebuchet. The length of the destroyer is peppered with numerous flak guns and anti-fighter beams that would make an Aeolus look like a Cain. Add in the Saturn's complement of ships, and you get a destroyer that's almost as tough a nut to crack as a Sathanas Juggernaut. Compared to the Colossus, the Saturn has fewer anti-capital ship beams, but many more anti-fighter defences.

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