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All information related to the PVC Neith is non-canon.
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The PVC Neith was a powerful Vasudan heavy cruiser from the early Vasudan fleet during the Terran-Vasudan War. It had been largely phased out as too expensive bvy the time of the Great War.

The PVC Neith


PVC Neith Tech Room Description

The PVC Neith is is the Vasudan's heavy cruiser, a potent mix of offensive punch and defensive fortitude that should never be underestimated. Although our information is , at best, somewhat sketchy, the Neith is larger and better armed than our own Fenris class, and is the significantly more powerful vessel one on one. We are hoping that our new Leviathan project modifications will bring our vessels up to spec, but until then it is only their relative scarcity - most likely due to a high build price - that keeps Neith class vessels from becoming a dominant force in the war.


  • Model by Blowfish
  • Texture and Conversion by Black Wolf
  • Original by StratComm

Designer's Comments



Name PVC Neith
Type Heavy Cruiser
Max Velocity 30 ms-1
Hitpoints 33000 pts
Length 310 m
Width 108 m
Height 59 m
Turrets 12 turrets


PVC Neith
Turret Type Amount
Vasudan Uber Turret 1
Vasudan Huge Turret 3
Vasudan Turret Weak 8

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