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{{User-made Ships|''PVCa Ramses''}}
{{User-made Ships|''PVCa Ramses''}}
{{shipimage|image=[[Image:Wiki-Ramses.png|500px]]|caption=The GVCa Ramses}}
{{shipimage|image=[[Image:PVCaRamses.jpg|500px]]|caption=The GVCa Ramses}}
===Tech Room Description===
===Tech Room Description===

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All information related to the PVCa Ramses is non-canon.
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The GVCa Ramses


Tech Room Description

The PVCa Ramses is a Vasudan heavy carrier, first encountered in the early days of the war and now largely retired from their fleet. The Ramses is an old design, probably dating back to at least several decades before first contact. This is best evidenced by its archaic subsystem arrangement, with a network of exposed sensor and navigation blister across its flanks. Their unprotected nature makes them easy to hit, and, despite its distributed nature, many tacticians claim that the Ramses’ navigation system is a better target than its relatively well protected engines when attempting to prevent the vessel from escaping. Despite its massive scale, at over a kilometre in length, the Ramses is relatively weakly armed, and relies primarily on its fighter wing for protection. Estimates are poor as to the capacity of this class, and it may well vary from vessel to vessel, but most Ramses’ appear to hold between forty and eighty strikecraft.

Although not as dangerous as the newer Typhon class, the Ramses is still considered a Class A threat due to its strategic importance and ability to project power through its fighters and bombers. Their elimination should be a priority whenever encountered.


  • Model and Texture by Black Wolf

Designer's Comments

The Ramses is designed to fill the nearly empty light carrier niche in the TV War era Vasudan fleet. It has ten separate navigation subsystems (the blisters visible on the side of the ship).



Name GVCa Ramses
Type Carrier
Hitpoints 45 000 pts
Length 1056 m
Width 289 m
Height 214 m
Turrets 8 turrets


Veteran Comments

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