PVF Imset(Frontlines)

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Nominally designated a Space Superiority fighter, the PVF Imset is the only Vasudan fighter – in fact, the only craft designated a fighter – equipped with a subspace drive. This means that the Imset sees service in a wide variety of roles – as a scout, an assault fighter or light bomber, a convoy escort and, perhaps most commonly, as the craft of choice for reinforcing Vasudan battlegroups after combat has commenced.

GTI believes the Imset to be a spiritual successor to the PVF Inpu, and while it lacks the extreme performance of its predecessor, it is far from incapable on the battlefield. Perhaps its greatest weakness is its large overall size - apparently necessitated by the volume of Vasudan subspace drives. The Imset presents a large silhouette from most angles, but particularly from above or below. Where possible, approach from these angles.