PVG Oasis(Frontlines2334)

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GTF Apollo
GTF Angel
GTF Valkyrie
GTB Athena
GTB Mars
GTDr Jackal
GTT Hunter
GTT Elysium
GTC Fenris
GTD Orion
PVF Anubis
PVF Seth
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PVB Osiris
PVT Isis
PVFr Bast
PVFr Ma'at
PVFr Satis
PVG Oasis
PVGs Sokar
PVCa Ramses
PVI Abydos
PVI Karnak


The largest unarmed ship in the Vasudan navy, the Oasis-class gas miner probably functions in a similar manner to our Bromios miners, extracting, refining, and storing fuel from gas giants for use in reactors. It is believed to have been designed prior to first contact with Terrans, to travel established and well-policed jump nodes for bulk fuel transport. They are rarely seen in contested systems, leading tacticians to believe the Vasudans refuel in secure locations.