Pawns on a Board of Bone

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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.

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Fighter squadron: Not given.

Description: After diplomacy with the Vasudans fails, TF Wargods is made the vanguard in an attempt to destroy a GTVA destroyer.


The UEF's attempt to establish peaceful relations with the Vasudans has ended in catastrophe. Elder Lin Taudigani, the Federation's chosen negotiator with the Imperium, was killed when GTVA stealth fighters destroyed the Elder's shuttle near Eris Station. Worse, Admiral Recamai, the Vasudan representative to the negotiations and a member of the Medjai, is furious. After being shown "evidence" by Admiral Steele that the Gefs that attacked the Pesedjet were in the employ of the UEF, he has suspected that the Federation's entire effort to open negotiations with the Imperium has been part of an elaborate scheme to fracture the GTVA from within. His suspicions turn into conclusions when he arrives at the negotiation site and sees no Elder, a damaged "empty" transport, and Gef fighters attempting to disable his vessel "for the buntu".

The end result has been a total breakdown in negotiations between the UEF and the Imperium. Diplomatic ties have been severed, and Vasudan logistics vessels are pouring in from the Sol-Delta Serpentis subspace node, replenishing the Tevs' supplies and undoing all of the Wargods' hard work over the weeks. Admiral Steele is building up for his all-out offensive on Earth, and the UEF dares not attack his logistics train, as it would further anger the Vasudans and may push them to commit warships to the Alliance's in-theater forces. The situation is grim.

Meanwhile, Admirals Netreba and Calder have become convinced that a diplomatic solution is impossible, and has begun to plan another Big Op. The UEF's spy among the GTVA has sent to them the plans for the GTD Carthage's battlegroup to attack Federation infrastructure in the asteroid belt. In addition, the spy has sent the UEF the psych profile of the Carthage's skipper, Admiral Anita Lopez. It shows her to be fiercely loyal and protective of her subordinates, willing to come to their aid no matter what the cost.

Netreba and Calder plan to exploit this psychological trait of the Admiral's to lure her into a trap. One of her group's corvettes is slated to attack Sopron Station, and the Wargods will be there to disable her. After the corvette sends a distress call, the Wargods will disable her comm system and wait for Lopez to send reinforcements, including another corvette; the Wargods will disable that one too. Expecting that the second corvette will warn the Carthage of the trap laying in wait, the Wargods will use the AWACS vessel Hanuman to edit the corvette's transmissions to make it read like another distress call.

At this point, the Carthage will undoubtedly come to the rescue, and the Wargods will spring the trap in the form of the frigates Katana and Altan Orde. If the Carthage uses her subspace drive to make a run for it, the Indus and Yangtze will track her and give chase.




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