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Fighter squadron:


In this mission we will be using the captured Shivan Dragon-class fighter on a scouting mission in the Deneb system.
The Shivans seem to be bringing in a large number of vessels into the Deneb system through the Vega Jump Node. We believe this is in preparation for a preliminary assault on Vasuda Prime.
Because the Shivans have tight control over the Vega-Deneb jump node, we cannot send in a Terran scout. By flying the Shivan Dragon, we believe you will be able to slip in undetected.
There are four Shivan fighters in the area, maintaining tight patrol. If you come in to close contact with these fighters, they will certainly scan your ship, detect your presence, and open fire. Avoid contact with any of the Arjuna fighters.
Arjuna seems to be maintaining consistent patterns in their patrol.
On arrival, observe their flight pattern and plan your course to avoid contact.
In the event that you are engaged by Arjuna wing, return to base immediately.
Your primary objective is to conduct a close scan of all ships that pass through the Vega-Deneb Jump Node. This includes warships, freighters, and transports. Try to determine the contents of any cargo in the area, as well.
We have reason to believe that a Shivan Demon-class Destroyer, the Eva, will be passing through the area. If it does, it is imperative that you scan it. Remember that your fighter is only partially functional, and it's flight systems will behave unpredictably. Be careful. Command out.


Don't shoot anything. Fly toward cargo 1 and 2. Scan them. Scan the Kali freighters that have by now warped in. Next quickly scan cargo 3 and 4 to complete your bonus objective. More freighters. Scan them. A brief pause. Monitor Arjuna 1-3 to make sure you are far away. Last group of freighters. Scan them.

More pause. Repeat monitoring Arjuna. Warp drives die. Eva jumps in. Scan it. Pause. Repeat monitoring Arjuna. Lucifer jumps in.

Scan it. Put your shield level up. Scroll through the Lucifer's subsystems until you see Fighterbay 1. Fly by it. Don't go in it. (You can't anyways, a magical invisible force field stops you on the retail model.) Rama will detect you. Fly around in random directions or attack the fighters until your jump drives have come back online. Jump out fast. Destroying Rama wing doesn't count for anything plot-wise so jump out as soon as you're satisfied with your kill count.

You can also finish the mission successfully by putting the engine level up to the max and then go for the fighterbay of the Lucifer. When Rama detects you fly straight away from all the ships until your jump drives have come back online. Don't hesitate to use your countermeasures and then jump out fast. Alternately, and recommanded for higher difficulties, is that you can also use parts of the Lucifer's body to shield yourself until you can escape.

You can also just enter one of the fighter bays and hide there until the warp drive fixes itself. (Not sure how this works in the retail one, so unless someone checks it out - this tactics viable only for FSPort) For even less flying you can also use it as a scan point, before getting an order to enter it.

Alternative Missions

If the Lorkonius in the previous mission survives, whether it be Transport or Freighter, then there will be 4 Arjuna escorts instead of 3.


It is possible to play this mission "broken", i.e. eliminate Arjuna wing at the beginning and then play from there, but given how weak the Dragon you fly is, this is not recommended.

Notable ships present