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Alpha Wing has a matter to attend to regarding the evacuation from the SD Nyaralathotep: it destroyed a shipyard while evacuation was in progress. The wing has to defend evacuating ships who suddenly became stranded after their crash jumps did not go as planned. One has their engines shot and life support failing, but with a perimeter defense, and the other one just has busted engines. As per the rules of civilian welfare, everyone has to get out.


Your wingmen are invincible, pick whatever fighters you want.

You have to defend a Deimos (that will be evacuated by an Argo crew) and a Hippocrates (whose engines will be fixed by an Elysium crew). When the friends dock and start repair and evacuation, the Nyaralathotep arrives a long distance away.

Rats. What should you do? Kill your engines (set your throttle to zero) so the Shivan fighters don't notice you... then you can wait until they get too close, and get the jump on them.

Kill all the Shivans you see around the medical frigates until everyone evacuates. The Argo with the evacuees will take off, and the Hippocrates will take off with the Elysium. Eventually, you'll get overwhelmed by Shivans, so set your shields to max and jump out.


  • Even if killing your engines works, sometimes, your team mates won't follow suit. As long as you, the player, stay still, you won't get your cover blown.
    • The first sentence above only holds true if a wingman is guarding one of the escorts. They will stop their engines if you tell them to form on your wing.