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Starting point of the [[Twisted Infinities]] campaign.
Starting point of the [[Twisted Infinities]] campaign.
Starting point of the [[Lost Souls]] campaign

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The Post-Capella period is the era which occurs after the Destruction of Capella

This time period is unclear, and can only be speculated on. However, several things are clear: the millions of Capellan refugees must find a new home, and the Knossos technology can be used to re-open the jump node to Sol and re-establish contact. Speculations on the state of Sol, after having been severed from the rest of the GTA in 2335, vary widely. Presumably, the timeline of FreeSpace 3 would have concentrated on this area. Arguments and any probable timelines will be posted here.

Two weeks after Capella incident

Starting point for the Technological Superiority campaign.


Starting point of the Twisted Infinities campaign.


Starting point of the BlackWater Operations campaign


Starting point of the Scroll of Atankharzim campaign.


Construction of the Terran Knossos device completed.


Starting point of the Inferno campaign. Approximate starting point of the Machina Terra Project.


Starting point of the Starforce Mod. NB: Many of these mods do not reference each others timelines, and so conflicting storylines can, and frequently do occur.

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