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The Post-Capella period is the era which occurs after the Destruction of Capella

Events that occur in this time period are speculative and not canon. However, several things are clear, such as that the millions of Capellan refugees must find a new home, and the Knossos technology can be used to re-open the jump node to Sol. Speculations on the state of Sol in this time period, after having been severed from the rest of the GTA in 2335, vary widely. Presumably, the timeline of FreeSpace 3 would have concentrated on this area. Many of mods that takes place in this time frame do not reference each other's time lines, and so conflicting storylines frequently occur.

Due to the project schedule of Volition and Volition's split with Interplay (which owns the rights to the IP (intellectual property)) shortly after the release of FS2, very few details about a potential sequel were planned, and most of them were tentative and general ideas.

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