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These are concept campaigns for the post-Capella era.  Add new entries to the bottom of the list.
#REDIRECT [[Campaign ideas]]
==Flying Shotgun with the Shivan Defence Force==
There are very few, if any campaigns, played from the Shivan perspective.  Such a campaign would shed light on the motives of the Shivans.  It may require a great deal of modding, because the Shivans likely have many types of weapons, ships, etc. that have not appeared in the canon campaigns, and a modder would need to fill these gaps in the Shivan arsenal.
''Lightspeed's Shivan weapons pack would cover that problem I think. Alternatively one might want to try and restart the Hidden Terror campaign currently languishing on Sectorgame.-ngtm1r''
''Flaming Sword just released his Shivan mod. It's still a work in progress though, but it looks quite promising. - Storm''
''You could potray the GTVA as antagonistic here. They could cause devastation that might equal to the destruction of Vasuda Prime in FS1, then the campaign should conclude that who is antagonistic and who is protagonistic really depends on your perspective. The Shivans may be potrayed as "patriotic" species who would do anything to defend their territories and save their species. - TopAce''
==Reconquest of Earth==
Description: Exploration parties have found a new way to Sol (through the Shivan nebula?). Unfortunately, the Terrans there are not willing to become part of the GTVA (reason to be established in campaign).
The GTVA and Terranovan Confederation (or whatever else you want to call it) duke it out (possible multiplayer head-to-head campaign). Possibly, if the route is through part of the Shivan Nebula, have a three-power war between the GTVA, TNC, and Shivans.
'''Modding''': This campaign will require the designer to evolve the Sol fleet's armaments, as it is unlikely they will still be using Great War-era technology.
*Terran warships with unique weaponry, including new beams, since Sol was cut off from the GTVA, as the Alliance developed their new weapon systems.
*Restore some Great War-era fightercraft, such as the [[GTB Athena]], as not all such craft will have been phased out.
*Provide the Terrans in Sol with some sort of signature technology (such as a fighter with AWACS technology or some piece of Shivan technology that the GTVA did not adapt, such as enhanced subspace drives).
'''Balancing''':  When developing a third faction, bear in mind what its advantages and disadvantages will be.  Remember, a Solar fleet must be set apart from the Terran component of the Allied fleet, but if Sol just stomps all over the GTVA (or vice-versa) in every single mission, the campaign is in danger of being very boring or very frustrating.
=="What happened to Bosch?" campaigns==
There are a great many theories regarding the fate of [[Aken Bosch|Admiral Bosch]], but very few released campaigns exploring the subject.  What did he do in Shivan space?  Will he make a return to GTVA space?  If he does, will he bring prosperity or doom?  Don't just theorize!  Open FRED and make something out of all those ideas!
''There's more than one campaign about Bosch's fate. Gai Daigoji's Utopia and Deep Blood talked about the return of Bosch, if I remember well.'' - [[User:Mobius|Mobius]]
==Vasudan Succession==
[[Khonsu II]], having had a long and successful reign, dies.  Perhaps he reaches the natural end of his long life, or perhaps he is assassinated, but in any case, a number of potential successors emerge and vie for the seat of Vasudan power.  Potential competitors for the throne may include an heir of Khonsu II (seeking to turn the empire into a monarchy), powerful fleet admirals, or a democratic movement (seeking to replace the emperor with a president).
This is a good candidate for a branching campaign, since it may start, just prior to Khonsu II's death, allowing the player to decide who he/she wants to support.  Alternatively, the campaign may take place in the pre-Great War or Reconstruction eras, following the ascention of Khonsu II, after the fall of his predecessor.
==The Retrofit==
This campaign would be based around an Arcadia serving as either a decommissioning facility or museum.
5 years have passed since the Shivans again vanished into obscurity. As a veteran pilot, you have been assigned to a very prestigious assignment in Ross 128: Serving as a historical pilot at the GTI Riviera Museum, the Arcadia replacement of the original Riviera destroyed by the Lucifer. As a historical pilot, it is your duty to fly some of the last remaining flyable Terran-Vasudan War fighters and bombers in existence, along with captured Shivan craft from the 1st and 2nd Great War. All is calm, until a sudden Shivan attack on the facility sends everyone into an uproar. The discovery of an apparent Ancient-Shivan battleground with several complete derelicts leads to a vital operation to capture the wrecks and restore them to operational service.
The plan succeeds, and the derelicts are restored to combat-worthy status. As a Shivan offensive begins in Ikeya, all decommissioned ships are restored to active duty and put into service, hopefully holding the line as more GTVA ships can be sortied to hold the blockade up. As the campaign continues, you gain access to more and more ships, including captured and repaired Shivan ships, repaired Ancient ships, and even 1st Great War Terran and Vasudan ships. The defence culminates in an opportunity to destroy the Shivans once and for all by destroying a new superjuggernaut apparently controlling the Shivans, but will it succeed?
This campaign would essentially give you, along with the standard FS2 ships and weapons, FS1 ships(Terran, Vasudan, and flyable Shivan, including the Angel, Hunter, and Gorgon from FSPort) along with that game's player-usable weapons, FS2 flyable Shivan ships and usable weapons, Ancient ships and weapons, and the Ancient capital ships.
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