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*''Color:'' F5-Yellow Main Sequence, A-White Dwarf
*''Color:'' F5-Yellow Main Sequence, A-White Dwarf
*''Right Ascension:'' 7h 39m 18.113s
*''Right Ascension:'' 7h 39m 18.113s
*''Declination:'' +5° 13' 30.06"
*''Declination:'' +13' 30.06"
===Important Events===
===Important Events===

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Celestial Information

  • Name, meaning and Constellation: Alpha Canis Minoris, Canis Minor. The name comes from the Greek προκύον (prokúon), meaning before the dog (since it precedes the Dog Star, Sirius)
  • Other name(s) and meaning: Elgomaisa, 南河三 Nánhésān (Chinese for the Third Star in the Southern River).
  • Distance from Sol: 11.41 ly, 3.497 pc
  • Type of System: Binary
  • Color: F5-Yellow Main Sequence, A-White Dwarf
  • Right Ascension: 7h 39m 18.113s
  • Declination: +5° 13' 30.06"

Important Events

  • To be filled in later.

Jump Nodes

Though this is a double-star system, only the primary star is indicated on the Official Volition Node Map.