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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
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SOC Loop 2 Mission 3

Description: Alpha and Beta assist the GTA Alacitry in locating the MTD Auriga...


The search of the MTD Auriga continues... it has been cornered into the recently discovered Delphi system. However, without any leads, the search will have to be done the hard way, with deep space scanning with AWACS vessels... Alpha and Beta will assist with one of six scanning efforts. A GTVI Orion and Deimos are on standby if any crew sights the Auriga or any MT assets...


  • Available ships: Hercules Mark Two, Perseus, Myrmidon.

You have two three-man wings of your own choosing (Alpha and Beta). A recommended ship is a GTF Perseus with a bank of Tempests or Rockeyes and a bank of Tornadoes or Harpoons.

See the asteroid belt way beyond you? Take your whole team with you and fly all the way out there. By the two minute mark, a ship that looks like the Cypher will show up and kill your AWACS. Then you will be chased by Myrmidons, however, you cannot acquire a sensor lock. They will come from the Cypher look-alike, so if you're near the asteroids already, they will have to chase you for twenty kilometers and your wingmen won't get slaughtered.

A friendly Orion and Aeolus will show up, along with Delta Wing, which consists of four Erinyes fighters (they'll be armed with either the Subach or Prometheus plus the Maxim). Defend the Orion, as you fight wave after wave of "stealthed" Myrmidons, Persei, and Artemis bombers. (The way to tell if what's in your crosshairs is a target so you avoid friendly fire: hit your reticule key and if you can't get a lock, then it's a bad guy.)

Then, after a few minutes (or when you kill the first wave of Artemi), the Orion will get a lock on the enemy AWACS six kilometers away. It will be guarded by four Erinyes fighters, so take Delta Wing to cover you while you destroy the AWACS. After the hostile AWACS is destroyed, just focus on the remaining fighters (they'll be illuminated if you didn't destroy them earlier), along with some hostile Hercules Mark Two fighters, and the last wave will be four Boanerges bombers with Helios torpedoes. The Cypher look-alike will jump into subspace, there's nothing you can do to stop it.

After your friendly capital ships depart, you will be given the order to leave.