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The Reconstruction, sometimes referred to as the Reconstruction Period or Reconstruction Era, was a series of political events which led to advancing technology and preparing for the Shivans' return. The Reconstruction included many major events, such as the formation of the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance and the Beta Aquilae Convention.

After the destruction of the SD Lucifer, the Terran and Vasudan species were faced with having to rebuild their respective civilizations. A coup by rogue members of Galactic Terran Intelligence was only the first in a series of splinterings in the former Galactic Terran Alliance.


On or shortly after March 29th: SD Lucifer destroyed by pilots from the GTD Bastion while exiting subspace in Sol. The Sol-Delta Serpentis jump node collapses, severing Earth from the rest of the GTA.

Later that year: a branch of Galactic Terran Intelligence stages a rebellion that culminated with the destruction of the GTD Hades, the rebel superdestroyer.

Between 2335 and 2339:

Fragmented GTA regional governments collapse into independent groups, including the Adhara Coalition, the Antares Federation, the Regulus Syndicate, and the Luyten New Alliance.

Beam weapon technology is developed, and a massive refit program for all warships is begun to integrate this new weaponry. Design work on the GVCv Sobek begins after the destruction of Vasuda Prime in 2335.


Vasudan Emperor Khonsu II disbands the corrupt Vasudan Parliament.


  • The Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance is formed.
  • On the tenth anniversary of the Shivan attack on Ross 128, Khonsu II proposes the construction of a joint Terran-Vasudan endeavor to counter any future Shivan threat.

Between 2345 and 2366

The eradication of the Hammer of Light in Operation Templar.

Circa 2347:

Construction of the GTVA Colossus begins.


The Beta Aquilae Convention, or BETAC, disbands all former Terran blocs, centralizes power in the GTVA, and organizes the military, political, and economic systems of the member systems.


Admiral Aken Bosch of the GTVA 6th Fleet secedes from the GTVA and forms his own government, Neo-Terra, in Polaris. The governments of Regulus and Sirius also defect to the NTF soon afterwards.

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