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===Important Events===
===Important Events===
*Following Bosch's coup in [[Polaris]], Regulus secedes, joining the [[Neo-Terran Front]], 2366
*2366:  Following Bosch's coup in [[Polaris]], Regulus secedes from the [[GTVA]], joining the [[Neo-Terran Front]].
===Jump Nodes===
===Jump Nodes===

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Celestial Information

  • Distance from Sol: 77.5 lyrs, 23.8 par
  • Type of System: Trinary
  • Color: B7-Blue Main Sequence, K1-Orange Main Sequence, M-Red Dwarf
  • Right Ascension: 10h 8m 22.315s
  • Declination: +11° 58' 1.89"

Important Events

Jump Nodes